Welcome to kybun Tower

Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Constance and the surrounding mountains from the kybun Tower in Roggwil

kybun has its headquarters in Roggwil in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland. kybun Tower introduced a modern architectural style to the idyllic village in 2006.

kybun Tower

The kybun tower, overlooking the roofs of Roggwil, gives you a chance to experience the walk-on-air feeling yourself. The tower has a unique atmosphere and offers the kybun experience with a panoramic view of Lake Constance.

kybun AG

The kybun AG headquarters is in the kybun tower. All work spaces are set up in line with the kybun philosophy: soft, springy mats and standing desks instead of seats, treadmills under standing desks and a standing meeting room instead of a regular meeting room.

Contact address

kybun AG
kybun Tower
Mühleweg 4
9325 Roggwil, Switzerland

Tel.: (+41-71) 454-6500
Fax: (+41-71) 454-6501
E-mail: mail(at)kybun.ch