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Addressing the root causes of discomfort with kybun shoes

The majority of symptoms originate from a weakened (foot) musculature and the foot's restricted freedom of movement. Flat and hard floors as well as supporting and stabilising insoles restrict the activity of the muscles and inhibit active rolling of the feet.

As a result, the equilibrium of the body is impaired and pain is a direct consequence. The role of the elastic, springy kybun shoes is to simulate a natural floor base directly under the feet. This allows the feet to actively roll again and this stimulates the whole body. At the same time, the deep foot musculature is trained by the increased activity on the elastic springy sole.

What kind of pain do you have?

The results of hundreds of thousands people with different kinds of health problems are no coincidence. Find your individual symptoms and see for yourself how kybun can help:

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What is so special about kybun?

Swiss made Heel cushioning Elastic & springy Perfect pressure distribution
Long-lasting PU material Trampoline effect & instability Washable cover

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