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Whether you’re at work, at home, playing sport or simply relaxing – injuries can occur at any time. Unfortunately, preventative measures cannot always ensure that you avoid them.

In cases like this, effective rehabilitation is essential. It is important to heal wounds using the right tools and methods. Time and the type of rehabilitation play an important role. No matter what the type of therapy, it should take up as much time as necessary and take place as quickly as possible in order to ensure that you can make a swift and full recovery.

kybun shoes and the kybun mat meet both of these requirements. Each individual rehabilitation exercise you do is far more effective when using the soft, springy surface, which leads to speedy and effective results. This is due to the quality of the material. The polyurethane in kybun shoes and the kybun mat means the mat or shoe always cushions against the pressure from the weight of the body. As a result, your feet and the rest of your body are constantly moving, which exercises the deep inner muscles and releases tension.

Medical professionals are impressed with the effects of kybun products
Erika Wissman has a thing or two to say about the practice of holistic therapy methods.
“I broke three vertebrae in an accident eight years ago and I’ve suffered from neurological problems ever since. If I wear normal shoes, I get pain in my thoracic spine and suffer from neck tension. I get bunions sometimes too. Thanks to my kybun shoes, I now have no problems walking. It’s just amazing. They’re so comfortable to walk around in and I can hardly feel the bunion anymore.”

Medical professionals have been impressed by the therapeutic benefits of kybun shoes and the kybun mat within the context of foot surgery.

“The extraordinary absorption properties of kybun shoes make them perfect for patients with arthritis in the legs. The shoes provide a high level of comfort to the wearer as they go about their daily activities. We are able to reduce our patients’ pain medication thanks to the kybun shoes. As a result, the shoes play a key role in the therapy process,” explains a delighted Dr med. Markus Müller, consultant for orthopaedic surgery certified by the Swiss Medical Association.

Customer testimonials

Fabienne Bamert, Videojournalistin, Oberägeri ZG, Schweiz

Fabienne Bamert, Videojournalistin, Oberägeri ZG, Schweiz

Da ich in meinem Beruf oft elegante Highheels tragen muss, bin ich extrem froh, wenn ich in der Freizeit in meine kybun Schuhe schlüpfen kann. Egal ob in der Stadt, im Fitness oder einfach nur zum Spazieren, der Schuh ist super bequem und entlastet meinen Rücken. Ich würde den kybun Schuh nicht mehr hergeben.

Regula Stricker aus der Schweiz

Das Tragen des kybun Schuhs ist wie ein unbemerktes Grundtraining in meinem Alltag – für einen aufrechten Gang, für eine gute Haltung, für meinen Beckenboden und meine gesamte Körperausstrahlung.

Carlo Bachmann aus der Schweiz

Carlo Bachmann aus der Schweiz

Ausschlaggebend war, dass ich gemerkt habe, dass es mich zwingt, anders zu gehen. Das ich zum Beispiel keine Schläge mehr auf die Gelenke habe. Vor allem mein Sprunggelenk und das linke Knie taten mir immer extrem weh. Hat schon etwas gebessert. Ich habe natürlich nicht erwartet, dass ich 30 Jahre in zwei Monaten wieder hinbiege. Aber ich habe bereits einen ziemlich guten Weg dahin gemacht.